In business,
your name comes first.

Screen_Shot_2014-03-24_at_4.02.44_PMThe name you choose for your company, product, service or feature can create a powerful first impression... or it can languish among the hundreds of names competing for your customer’s attention.

A great name conveys strong meaning, evokes your company's unique personality, and becomes a increasingly valuable strategic asset over time. How do you find the name that becomes the brand? 

Read this brutally honest, mercifully brief manifesto to find out.


Our method is concise, targeted, efficient and presents only the strongest trademark-ready name candidates for your consideration.
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Names we’ve developed and the brands they’ve become. You'll recognize some names -- others you'll understand immediately. Isn't that the idea? 
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In other words, a blog full of insights on what we believe and names we’ve been taking note of. Start with one post and we bet you'll want to learn more. 
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